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We want to especially thank you for all the wonderful love and care you give to our Krazy Kaedo. She loves you guys! We never worry when she is with you.
- Patty, George & Kaedo

Thank you for the wonderful care you & your staff provide. I never worry when I drop Porter off because I know heís in great hands.
- Thank you! C. & Porter Bucci

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking such great care of Bentley over the past year and a half!! He has loved every second of daycare and overnight stays at Karenís K-9. He always comes home with a HUGE smile on his face - and is ready for naptime after a long day of playing. I canít tell you how nice it has been to go to work each day knowing that Bentley is loved and well taken care of by the amazing people at Karenís. Thank you SO much for your big hearts, fun personalities, and amazing care for Bentley. We are both going to miss you all VERY much!
- All Our Love, Kim & Bentley

We want to thank you for being so flexible and understanding. Your staff and center have truly been a lifesaver to s more than once!
- Chris, George, Abby & Favre Stulak

Thank you for taking care of my Apollo day in & day out. He loves going to see his buddies (canine & human) and comes home a very tired puppy. Thank you also for the bath & grooming - he looked & smelled wonderful.
- With gratitude, Jackie Paquet

Thank you so much for such a nice send-off. I love all my toys & treats - but most of all, I will miss all of you. I always had so much fun at Karenís - just hope I can find something like it in Atlanta.
- Bye, Halo

I am writing to express my gratitude. Your place has been a life saver for us. The staff have been wonderful!Magic is always thrilled to see them and they are obviously very loving to her. I appreciate also how they reinforce good manners for her. She always comes home calm, happy & exhausted. And Vicky Wooters has been a wonderful trainer for Magic. I believe you all have helped in raising her & giving her a great foundation from which we can build. I honestly canít imagine how we could have gotten though this time sanely w/out your help.
- Many thanks! Micki & Clay Collingham

Thank you for being so good to our little guy - it means so much to us to know you provide a safe & loving place for him when we are not around.
- The Alluceiís

Thanks so much for taking care of me and loving me! I LOVE U!
- Raider

Thank you for giving me good haircuts.
- Love Romeo

Troop 435 thanks you for helping us with our Bronze Award Project! Thank you for all the help you gave us. The SPCA enjoyed all of it. All the stuff you gave us will be used and make all the animals happy.
- Thank you from: Girl Scout Troop 435

Thank you for giving me a home when I didnít have one.
- Satin (the princess)

Thank you for always taking such good care of me. I will miss you!
- Cleveland

Thank you for taking such good care of us this week. We really appreciate you watching after us.
- Love, Emma & Zoe

Thank so much for always taking such great care of Macy and Ellie. We truly appreciate all your efforts. It is great to be able to know our girls are in such good hands. Thanks for all you do.
- Carrie & Mike Magee

My mom & dad would like to say thank you for babysitting me these past months. Your staff took very good care of me and there were times they went above and beyond. I really miss my friends. Take care and I will see you soon! SUPER THANKS!
- Big foot Onyx

My mommy and daddy really appreciate all of your kindness. I know I am a tough dog and I appreciate you offering to take care of me while I got better. I always have fun at Karenís and so does my brother Romeo. Thank you for taking such good care of me.
- Love, Cleveland

I just wanted to send you a personal thank you for boarding my bichon, Sammy. Sammy clearly enjoys himself, as he was all "tuckered out" for a few days after his stay. Your staff is very friendly.
- Sincerely, Jennifer

Thank you for your love and wonderful care over the last 9 years.
- Lucky & family

We just want you to know how incredibly grateful we are to have you and your staff care for our dogs! You all are so good to us - we really appreciate you.

Thank you for all of your hard work, patience & constant "caring" for our Czar & Sophie - You all are just the best!
- With Love, Mike, Nicole, Czar & Sophie

Just wanted to say hi to my friends and people back in PA! Miss you all!
- Ray
PS - My human says "hi" too.

I want you to know how much I appreciate the care you and your staff give to dogs. Itís a good feeling when I leave Brinks to know he is in such good hands.
- Thanks again. Fondly, Ruth Miller

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Kirby while we were away! You & your staff are such a great resource!
- Connie & Bob

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Penny! She loved coming to play with you and all her friends. It was a great feeling knowing that she was in such good hands. She will miss you very much and so will we.
- Marianna & Shawn Moore

Thank you for taking care of me. My parents know I get lots of love and attention when I visit your house.
- Love, Crewster

Thanks for being so kind to us and for taking such good care of our 1st baby, Arnie!
- Love, The Cockshaw Family

Thank you for all the wonderful care you provide for Steve!
- Dave, Deanne, Chloe and Steve Caputo

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Cody. Codyís coming back to you guys and he is really going to be spoiled.
- Sincerely, Chenye Machlin

We are very lucky that we have you to take such good care or Arnie. Thank you very much.
- Eric, Kelly & Arnie Cockshaw

Thank you once again for taking such great care of our fur babies. We donít know what weíd do without you all!
- Chris, George and Emma Stulak, Abby, Faure & Mackenzie

Daisy cannot wait for her next slumber party at K9! Thank you for always being so good to Daisy!
- Julie & Anthony & Daisy Donofrio

Thanks for taking such good care of Susie & Basil. Mark said they slept for two days on their return.

Thank you for taking care of Rocky!

Throughout the last 8 years of Gallagherís life, Karenís K-9 care was always there for him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love, care and compassion you showed him. He loved coming to visit you all and you absolutely enriched his life. You were his 2nd family & youíll never know how much that meant to me.
- Love Lin "Gallagherís mom forever"

Thank you very much for your recent contribution to The Spayed Club. Your support will enable us to continue working at the root of cat and dog overpopulation by preventing litters of surplus kittens and puppies from being born into homelessness. We gratefully acknowledge your kindness and thank you for your belief in our work.
- Sincerely, Joan Williams, V.P. and the volunteers of T.S.C.

Thank you so very much for taking good care of my little girl. It meant so much I was able to enjoy myself on vacation knowing she was there again. I would not know what to do without your great services!
- Sincerely, Lisa

Thank you all for the care, the fun & especially the deep love you gave Cooper during his short life. I never worried about him when he was there and this put us at ease knowing he was loved. When we asked him if he "wanted to go to Karenís?" his head would turn to the side & he would dash to the back door. Immediately, after passing the Frazier Diner he would sit up and start to pant. He knew where he was going! You all were so thoughtful!
- Love, Leslie & Garth, Blake, Jessica, Austin & Alex

Tomorrow is my 8th birthday so we made brownies for all of you to say "Thank You" for taking such good care of me. This is my favorite place in the world!
- Love, Cody Bear Macklin

Thank you very much for sponsoring me in this yearís Walk for Paws. With your help, I was able to raise over $700 for the SPCA. It is through your kindness and generosity that the SPCA can afford to operate its many programs.
- Dawn Dietrich

No words could ever express the magnitude of our sincere appreciation for your continued support, words of encouragement, heartfelt concern & most of all your friendship. You guys have truly been a life saver in more ways than one. Knowing that Panther is at "home" when he comes there gives me peace of mind. I can rest assure that he is grateful to be with his extended family & on a mini vacation from us. We thank God for putting you in our lives.
- Fondly, Dorita, Neveen & Panther

I just want to let you know how much I absolutely love everything and everyone at Karenís K-9 Care. I feel so secure knowing my dogs are staying with you whether I am just at work for the day or out of the country for a week! My dogs are everything to me and I donít trust them to many people, but I do with all of your employees. Everyone there makes it extremely clear of their compassion, love and appreciation of dogs and for that I am so grateful that I found you all to care for Tamale, Buck and Darla.
- Laura Coffey


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